Onboarding Reports

Taking mystery – and risk – out of trust administration.

The path to assessing and mitigating risk and ensuring compliance with trust management best practices, starts with PTC’s patented Onboarding Report.

The PTC Onboarding Report is designed to provide you, the trustee, with the information you need to successfully understand and manage your trust in today’s demanding environment. Your unique Onboarding Report will highlight your responsibilities and help identify and provide a qualitative analysis of potential risk you will face in your fiduciary and administrative role as trustee.

Even better, your Onboarding Report will include suggested best practices designed to mitigate, and in some instances even eliminate risk. Our recommended best practices are based upon hundreds of years of collective wealth management, trust administration, and trust litigation experience of the PTC Founding Partners and the numerous PTC members.

At PTC we understand risk cannot be eliminated in its entirety. So we worked with the largest insurance company in the world to provide PTC members with PTC- sponsored liability insurance products to help offset risk that cannot be eliminated. For more information about insurance products that might be appropriate for you visit our Insurance section.

PTC has your back when it comes to trust administration, so don’t go it alone – protect yourself and your trust beneficiaries with our Onboarding Report.


For more information about the PTC Onboarding Report contact one of our PTC experienced team members today at info@private-trust.org / 1-(800) 978-1237.

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