About PTC

The Private Trust Consortium is dedicated exclusively to providing trustees with the education and tools they need to successfully manage trusts.  While we have found that there are many compilations of the law relating to trusts and many organizations that provide education and training to the practitioners who draft trusts, we have discovered that there are very few organizations dedicated exclusively to the study of the practical problems encountered by the brave individuals and institutions who accept the responsibility of administering a wide variety of trusts that are created to fulfill many different purposes for a diverse pool of settlors and beneficiaries.
Much of the “knowledge” related to the administration of trusts is literally “stored in the heads” of the men and women who have administered trusts for many years and who have developed an innate understanding of the problems they face based on their personal experiences.  Many of these professionals have spent a good portion of their lives trying to understand what the drafters of different trusts – drafted in many different times in many different places – intended when they set forth the terms of the trusts and how they would have wanted these provisions to apply to beneficiaries that probably did not exist when the trust was created in a world that is entirely different.  And they have had to do this while many people and institutions with a vested interest such as charitable and individual beneficiaries, family members, tax authorities, governmental agencies, and lawyers were looking over their respective shoulders, happy to second guess whatever decision they might have made.
As the world “gets smaller” and as the tax laws, trust provisions, the laws governing trusts and governmental regulations get more complicated, we believe it is time for an organization like The Private Trust Consortium.  The Private Trust Consortium will become the repository of the knowledge accumulated by the men and women who have had the day-to-day responsibility for managing these trusts before these people leave the stage, taking their knowledge with them.  This will keep this knowledge from disappearing, and it will allow The Private Trust Consortium to apply modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to organize and preserve this knowledge in a way that will enable it to be used by the people who follow in their footsteps.
The PTC was founded in 2020 by William C. Waller, Jr. Esquire,  and Dennis E. Channer, CPA, CFP, AEP. PTC is governed by a Management Committee who oversees the day-to-day operational activity of the organization.