Annual Membership

Private Trust Consortium members receive thousands of dollars’ worth of resources annually to help them navigate the myriad complexities and hidden risks of trust administration.  The founders of The Private Trust Consortium believed it was time for an organization that can give individual trustees the information and tools they need to successfully administer private trusts.  Although it is easy for corporate trustees to provide these things to their professional trust officers, most individuals are unprepared for the job, and they have no place to go to find out what they are supposed to do and how they can protect themselves and the trusts they serve from the substantial risks that can be part of the job.

Specifically, in addition to having access to a professional network of trust administration colleagues through the PTC online Membership Community, members also receive unlimited access to PTC online educational materials, on-demand continuing legal and professional education certificates, jurisdiction specific resources, participation in the “Ask the Founders” series, invitations to virtual and in-person seminars and event, discounted rates on trust insurance policies (offered exclusively through Chubb), and discounted rates on the full suite of PTC back-office trust administration services. Details of the benefits and value are outlined below.

Whether you are advisors, trustees or beneficiaries of private trusts, there is membership value for all with the Private Trust Consortium. Ask yourself, “what do you not know?” when it comes to private trust advising, administration, management, most importantly risk.

Your Role

In Your Role as a Trustee, You Need Trusted Advice

Many, if not most, Trustees enter the role with little or no related knowledge or experience. Even if you’re an attorney, accountant, or financial advisor, the high-stakes of private trusts, combined with their intricacies and risks, make them a tricky business … for anyone.

It probably won’t surprise you, then, that the role of Trustee is accompanied by significant risk—for you personally, for your employer, and for the trust itself.

How do you get expert advice, reliable information, relevant programs and services, and protection against risks that have a way of finding those who are unprepared?

You get all of that and more as a member of the Private Trust Consortium.

Your Risk

Understand Your Role & Associated Risk

Chances are high that you are successful in your business or line of work. That’s because you know that terrain. You have experience. You have a go-to network of colleagues on whom to trust for counsel. When a problem or challenge surfaces, you have any number of resources you can access to get answers. You likewise have insurance of some variety that protects you, your business, and your clients against the risks that lurk behind every corner. And you otherwise know how to avoid those risks.

In your role as a Trustee, you’re on decidedly unfamiliar terrain. As they say, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Now, throw the inherent complexities of trusts and their significant tax implications together with the self-interests of beneficiaries and the emotions attached to estate management, inheritances, and other key elements of trusts. That’s a dangerous place to be.

The Private Trust Consortium will help you mitigate your risk:

  • With an exclusive, Member-Priced Insurance Policy through CHUBB, constructed specifically to align with the unique circumstances and associated risks of private trusts.
  • With an A.I.-enabled, member-discounted Onboarding System that assesses a trust’s and a Trustee’s risks, showing you areas of potential catastrophe and recommending specific steps to avoid them.
  • With Webinars and Educational Programing led by genuine authorities within the world of trusts, which lets you avoid risks in the first place.
  • And with a growing Library of Resources and other member benefits that equip you with the market intelligence, networking opportunities, and knowledge that allows you to make decisions and otherwise manage trusts in a manner that aligns with best practices.

PTC Membership Benefits and Value

Membership Benefits
Onboarding Report
The PTC Onboarding Report is designed to provide you, the trustee, with the information you need to successfully understand and manage your trust in today’s demanding environment. Your unique Onboarding Report will highlight your responsibilities and help identify and provide a qualitative analysis of potential risk you will face in your fiduciary and administrative role as trustee.
Trustee Liability Coverage
Trustees’ Professional Liability coverage is afforded to natural persons in their individual capacities as trustees, and it is available to individual trustees even if they are not being compensated for their services as trustee.

Offered exclusively from Chubb, Professional Liability insurance for Trustees coverage is tailored to the unique exposures of trustees overseeing a variety of trusts. This was negotiated and designed by PTC on behalf of its members
Access to PTC Founders & Community
PTC members have access to the “Ask the Founders” section, where members can submit questions for analysis and discussion by not only the Founders, but the PTC Community - whose years of knowledge, litigation and experience provide real-life examples.
Trustee Manual
PTC created this Trustee Manual for its members to give useful and practical advice. It is not intended to be legal advice, and it does not substitute for the recommendations of a qualified attorney. However, we recognize that individuals who find themselves serving as trustees come from a wide variety of backgrounds with different levels of knowledge about trusts and their workings. This is a great place to “start” to get a quick understanding about what trustees should do in many different situations.
Online Continuing Education
In 2024 PTC will roll out on-demand continuing education totaling 12 hours of continuing education.
Access to Practical Resources
PTC has built a library of resources and legal analysis to guide the unique situation you find yourself in as a Trustee.
Per Membership Fee: $149/annual

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