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It would be difficult to overstate the importance of a Trustee in the management private trusts and yet the body of knowledge that defines and permeates the Trustee’s role is both expansive and obscure. And, yet, the penalties of relying on the wrong so-called “experts” or outdated information can be severe, even catastrophic.

That’s why the Private Trust Consortium’s deep network of leading authorities and business partners is yielding best-in-class educational and informational resources on trusts. From the ever-prominent role of taxes and legal exposure to the integration of asset managers, custodians, and other advisors into the trust’s eco-system. You need information and counsel that not only aligns with established, prevailing, and evolving best practices, but comes to you from individuals with depth of experience in the field.

PTC webinars and other online educational programing is available at no charge to Private Trust Consortium members and for a fee to non-members.

Upcoming Events

  • “An Introduction to The Private Trust Consortium” 
  • “The Onboarding Report” An informative webinar discussing the importance and benefits of a proper onboarding report.
  • “An Explanation of Bonds, Indemnification Agreements and Professional Liability Insurance”
  • “What do you do when your client asks you to serve as their Trustee?”
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