In Arizona, a violation of a duty the trustee owes to a beneficiary is a breach of trust. Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 14-11001.  Such duties include, but are not limited to, the duty to administer the trust in good faith, A.R.S. § 14-10801, the duty of loyalty, A.R.S. § 14-10802, the duty of impartiality, A.R.S. § 14-10803, the duty of prudent administration, A.R.S. § 14-10804, the duty of reasonable cost of administration, A.R.S. § 14-10805, the duty to utilize any special skills or expertise they possess, Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 14-10806, the duty to exercise reasonable care, skill and caution in the delegation by trustee of any of their duties, Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 14-10807, the duty to take reasonable steps to take control of and protect the trust property, Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 14-10809, the duty to keep adequate records and identification of trust property, Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 14-10810, the duty of enforcement and defense of claims, Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 14-10811, the duty to take reasonable steps to compel a former trustee or other person to deliver trust property to the trustee and to redress a breach of trust known to the trustee to have been committed by a former trustee, Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 14-10812 and finally the duty to inform and report, A.R.S. § 14-10813.

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