Member Rights, Obligations and Rules of Participation

The Private Trust Consortium (PTC) members (PTC Members) shall be entitled to the following rights, and by formally joining PTC, each PTC Member agrees to be bound by the following obligations and rules of participation.

Member Rights

  1. PTC Members in good standing have the right to enjoy the benefits of PTC membership including:

a) Unrestricted access and personal use of PTC Member materials including:

i. Access to the Member’s Only section of the PTC Website;

ii. A downloadable / printable copy of The Private Trust Consortium Trustee Manual;

iii. Access to fiduciary update articles; and

iv. Access to Member resources such as template contracts and agreements.

b) Access to apply for insurance through the PTC insurance network (PTC Membership is not a guarantee of insurability; eligibility for participation in insurance programs is solely at the discretion of the agencies issuing insurance policies).

c) Participation in PTC sponsored educational programs, webinars, PTC Conferences, and the like.

d) Free and/or deeply discounted access to PTC sponsored CLE programs (While PTC works with national, state, and local bar associations to develop CLE programs that meet the strict criteria for CLE eligibility, accreditation is at the discretion of individual states)

e) Member discounts on things such as Onboarding Reports, Insurance programs, Conferences, and the like. 

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. PTC generated information available to Members Only, or acquired individually from PTC by its Members, is intended for members only use. Such information includes, but is not limited to PowerPoint Presentations, Reports, Membership Manuals, Educational and Marketing Presentations, and the like. Such information may not be used by PTC Members for outreach or educational purposes without the express written permission of PTC.

Usage Rights

Each PTC Member is subject to the following obligations and grants the following permissions to PTC:

  1. PTC may disclose and include the name of each PTC Member in a public list of PTC Members. Such list may be displayed at the PTC Website and in such other materials as PTC may from time to time desire.
  1. PTC may from time to time use unitized and anonymous information extracted from Member Trust Documents for analytical and statistical purposes.

Rules of Participation

  1. Continuing participation in PTC as a PTC Member is subject to:

a) Timely payment of such annual dues and other fees, if any, as shall be specified from time to time by PTC.

b) Compliance with these Rights, Obligations and Rules of Procedure, and such other rules and policies as PTC may from time to time communicate to PTC Members in connection with their participation in PTC.

  1. A PTC Member’s relationship with PTC may be terminated by PTC for breach of these Rights, Obligations and Rules of Procedure, or such other rules or policies as may from time to time apply to PTC Members, by notice to the PTC Member at the Member’s last known contact address filed with PTC. Such notice shall specify the reason for such termination, and such termination shall automatically become effective thirty days from the date of such notice, unless the PTC Member has cured such breach to the satisfaction of PTC within such thirty-day period.
  1. No annual dues or other fees shall be refundable upon the resignation or termination of any PTC Member, or upon the merger, acquisition, or termination of the PTC organization.
  1. PTC Members may not engage in any conduct deemed by PTC to be unlawful, offensive, abusive, libelous, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, fraudulent, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable in any manner. Upon request, each PTC Member shall provide to PTC additional information relating to the foregoing.
  1. PTC membership is open to any person, legal entity, business unit, division, group or other affiliate of any of the foregoing, whether or not formally established (each an “Entity”).


PTC Member Privacy Rights are described in detail in the PTC Privacy Policy available on the PTC Website.


These Rights, Obligations and Rules of Procedure may be amended at any time by PTC without the consent of the PTC Members, provided that no such amendment shall become effective less than thirty days from the date that such amendment is communicated to the PTC Members.