This past school year was unusual. But with students heading back to school, there’s a lot we can do to bolster our children’s feelings of confidence and security as they head into a new year. Here are ways to get in the back-to-school mindset and cope with any anxieties or emotions.

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Creating Daily Routines for Kids

Consistent routines provide comfort and a sense of safety to young children. Following a schedule each day makes children feel safer and happier, which often leads to better behavior and cooperation. When they know what to expect, and what’s expected of them, kids feel more comfortable and confident about what lies ahead. Just click below for tips and activities to get back into a solid daily routine. And share these PBS KIDS games on routines with your child!

Getting Ready for the First Day of School

Getting ready for the first day of school can fill children (and grown-ups!) with both excitement and nervousness. And this year, it might be the first time in awhile (or ever!) that your child has stepped foot in a classroom. Read on for tips and activities to prepare before that first day. And share with your child these PBS KIDS games all about going back to school!

Easing Anxiety About Going Back to School

It’s perfectly natural for even the most enthusiastic young learner to feel nervous and uncertain. A new school year comes with a new classroom, a new teacher, and new classmates. The classroom rules and routines are likely to change, as are the behavioral and academic expectations. It’s a lot to manage when you’re young. It’s even harder when children and families have gone through an extremely tough year with the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some ways you can help manage some of that back-to-school anxiety with your child.