Providing the Information and Tools You Need to Manage Trusts

The Time Has Arrived

As private trusts gain traction in distribution of wealth, the role of Trustee has never had more prominence or risk exposure. Now, an organization delivers programs and services aimed directly at Trustees.

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Private Trust Consortium


PTC equips you with reliable information you need as a Trustee along with expert guidance, exclusive programming, and customized risk mitigation.


A PTC exclusive, use a Chubb-underwritten policy to protect your private trust and your actions as Trustee from substantial underlying risks.


Membership entitles you to access and discounts on content, programming, and services that cater to the evolving dynamics of trusts and Trustees.

The Role of the Trustee

Who Should Consider Membership?

Whether you’re a trusted advisor engaged by a client or a friend or family member thrust into the role of Trustee, you need information, counsel, and programming to support your work.